Is Your Roof Suitable for Solar Power Installation?

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Solar Panels & Solar Installation

If you’re interested in installing a solar power system on your roof, consult with the professionals at JEH Solar. Only one in four roofs are suitable for solar systems. Our team can inspect yours to determine if it can support solar panels. If it can’t, we’ll discuss alternative solar energy installation options. Once the site for installation is chosen, our solar and electrical contractors will safely and efficiently install your new solar panels. We’ll also include a battery backup system.

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Choose the right solar power system for your needs

Choose the right solar power system for your needs

Lafayette, LA’s JEH Solar carries a variety of quality solar power products from some of the top manufacturers in the business. We can provide solar technology solutions from:

  • Enphase Energy
  • SolarWorld
  • DPW Solar
  • Outback Power Inc.
  • Suniva, and others
Once you’ve made your selection, our team will safely perform your solar power system installation. Learn more by reaching out to JEH Solar.

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